Helping the Underserved

We are active in helping the people, animals and ecosystems that are all too often ignored and underserved. We contribute to a range of causes and organisations that help improve these lives and environments.

Reaching Peak Potential

Everyone has the ability to reach their peak potential, but often need a helping hand or word of encouragement. The Bridge & Enrich Lives Society in our hometown of Vancouver is our way of giving back at the community level.

Causes and Charitable Giving

Literacy & Education

As publishers, we are great believers in the value of the written word. Being able to work with charities that promote literacy and education is a motivational force in all aspects of our business.

Animal Rights & Safety

The rights and safety of animals are often forgotten and we help to look out for these innocent creatures by supporting charities that work directly with animals in need.

Environmental Activism

From our early days in the Canadian wilderness to today, we have always been dedicated to leaving as small an environmental footprint as possible. We manage all aspects of our business to ensure we are as responsible as we can be, and this also means donating to organisations that share this goal.

Who We Work With and Support