Designed to Awe
and Inspire

Beautifully designed and remarkably functional, every product we create is tied together by our commitment to making the ordinary, extraordinary.

Our Beliefs

Innovative Design

Our creative philosophy is simple: If its appearance doesn’t inspire awe, and its functionality doesn’t lead to an enhanced experience, we have no desire to make it. We want to make it better.

Fine Craftsmanship

Driven by a respect and passion for anything made mindfully and made well, our high craftsmanship standards and rigorous quality control procedures inform every manufacturing decision we make.

Doing Our Part

Aiding the underserved and helping people the world over to reach their peak potential is a core part of the Hartley & Marks ethos and a driving force behind our business practices.



Hartley & Marks began as Cloudburst Press in an old log cabin in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. Our founder, Victor L. Marks, compiled Cloudburst: A Handbook of Rural Skills and Technology, an essay collection focused on country living and our very first publication.


We continued in publishing, producing well-received books in a wide range of fields including architecture, alternative health and design, including a leading work on typography. During this time, Cloudburst Press evolved into Hartley & Marks Publishers.

Classic art and design meets modern technology

Enchanting multiflame candles

Our Team

Whether designing new products, working together on a social initiative or simply enjoying each other’s company, the Hartley & Marks team is united around four core values in everything we do:

  • We live and breathe quality
  • We are diverse, passionate and dedicated
  • Decency is at our core
  • We strive to be extraordinary

We push the boundaries of how well-designed objects can enhance the experience of daily living, because we all share the same goal: to bring joy into everyone’s life.